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November Ray B94

November Ray B94

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Ingredients :
Water, Barley malt, Hops, Yeast and Sugar.
Made with natural ingredients

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The November Ray is distinguished by the acronym SPA, Salento Pale Ale as it resumes the Anglo-Saxon style "ENGLISH PALE ALE". The color is light amber, the barley malt prevails. Sweetened by fresh and light hops. Light beer whit medium body and moderate carbonization.

Fresh served is the ideal for all the situation, and it's combines easily with appetizers, salted and fryed.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer B94
Country of Manufacture Italy
Alcohol 4,5% vol

Manufacturer history

Salentina peninsula is always known and appreciate as wine land, but Raffaele Longo challenges the traditional and approaching to Salento a new reality inside agribusiness panorama already rich and varied. the inspration was born inside a bookshop in Genoa in 1994. Raffaele Longo was been captured by a book which talking about michel jackson the most important world beer expert, recently died, leaving all the knowledge to Lorenzo Da Bove from Genoa, best italian expert in belgian beer. From this experience was born in lecce in 2008 the B94 brewery that with passion and research taking ideas from continental cultures, making different beers with high fermentation, without pasteurization process or microfiltration. B94 brewery perfectly combine international beer styles with product from its own land, creating shades and flavors among seemingly distant ingredients.

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